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Viking Cruises

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Founded in 1997 by
a Scandinavian and Dutch consortium.

Headquarters are located in
Woodland Hills, California.

Viking Cruises is independently owned.

Using the options below you can find the current position and track of these 59 ships from Viking Cruises' fleet:

MS Esplanade - MS Omar El Khayam - MS Vienna - RV Indochina - Viking Aegir - Viking Alsvin - Viking Atla - Viking Baldur - Viking Bestla - Viking Bragi - Viking Buri - Viking Danube - Viking Delling - Viking Douro - Viking Eistla - Viking Embla - Viking Emerald - Viking Europe - Viking Fontane - Viking Forseti - Viking Freya - Viking Gullveig - Viking Heimdal - Viking Helevetia - Viking Helgi - Viking Hemming - Viking Hermod - Viking Idi - Viking Idun - Viking Ingvar - Viking Ingvi - Viking Jarl - Viking Kvasir - Viking Legend - Viking Lif - Viking Lomonosov - Viking Magni - Viking Mandalay - Viking Mekong - Viking Neptune - Viking Njord - Viking Odin - Viking Prestige - Viking Pride - Viking Primadonna - Viking Rinda - Viking Rurik - Viking Schumann - Viking Sea - Viking Skadi - Viking Sky - Viking Spirit - Viking Star - Viking Sun - Viking Tor - Viking Torgil - Viking Truvor - Viking Var - Viking Ve

You can also find the current position and track of over 650 other cruise ships from over 100 other cruise lines.

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