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Thread: Article: The German "Love Boat" is up for sale!

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    Article: The German "Love Boat" is up for sale!

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    Such memories of this vessel,all the places it visited,the people I met,not to mention the night I went back to a pair of middle aged sisters cabin,we missed breakfast that morning.

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    My first two cruises were on the original Pacific Princess, so have really fond memories of her and the fun we had. I still enjoy cruising but I hate to say this but it isn't like the "good old days". the cruise staff were always around not just for the contests and "the Art Auction" but to engage with the passengers, and of course it was so easy to get to know the other travelers with 650 of us. But now the ships are so big I guess that isn't an option anymore. I still watch the Love Boat reruns

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