Just been on my 1st. cruise 40 years after coming ashore to work in a shipping associated position and for 35 of them observing what I perseved as a detereating standard of seamanship of ships crews. In my day you had to get your training with sea time and be 20 before obtaiñing your 2nd Mate's Certificate (After a 3 to 4 year cadetship). I understand that now training is mainly college based and you only have to have 6 months sea time before you can obtain a watch keepers certificate at 18. As a result of this I resisted cruise holidays. This year my wife found a cruise which covered several places on our bucket list of places we wanted to go, so I agreed to go. This wàs on Thomson's " Island Escape " on it's last year with them, I was very pleased with the standards on this vessel and enjoyed the experience so much on this 7 day cruise that we have re booked to go on the vessels final 2 cruises (14 days) in October. I hope other vessels have the same standards as will be going again next year.