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Thread: Carnival Legend

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    Carnival Legend

    Hi, i have been checking the web cams on legend since it left Sydney yesterday 23/2/2015. Very blurry though and wondered if they need a wash lol. And it seems the front cam only shows a small section of the bow so only the rear one shows people.
    We have relatives on board and hoped to get a glimpse of them giving us a wave but doubt if we would even be able to make them out. Weather also looks very overcast and almost looks like it is raining but then with a recent cyclone out there i suppose it could of left some cloudy weather and rain. Oh well i am sure there will be plenty of entertainment going on inside.

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    I am sure you will find "something" to make you happy inside as well as the outside.

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    I certainly would if only i was on the ship and not sitting here at home watching its travells LOL.

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