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Thread: To Cheer or NOT to Cheer? that is my question!

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    To Cheer or NOT to Cheer? that is my question!

    I am in the process of trying to decide if it is worth it for me to do pre-pay Carnival Cheers Program ($50 per day for a 4-day Bahamas cruise). I am not a big drinker, but on a vacation cruise I will probably have a couple beers during the day, then a couple glasses of wine with dinner. I do not usually have mixed drinks. Also, we will be at port pretty much the whole day for one of the 4 days Carnival will charge me for. What advice would you give this first time cruiser? I am planning to bring a bottle of champagne in luggage.Thanks

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    I would not suggest bringing any alcohol on in luggage - for any cruise line. I don't know if they use X-rays on the bags, but they find it and confiscate it. Drinks can be very expensive on board. We just finished a cruise on Navigator of the Seas and the drink specials for each day averaged around $9 each. Beers were also high. BUT, are you going to drink $200 worth of alcohol in four days? If not, you might want to just go with a per drink charge. The last two ships we were on allowed us to purchase a bottle of wine and spread it over a couple days. They would re-cork and save it.

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