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Thread: Hello To All...New to your forum...

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    Hello To All...New to your forum...

    Hey there! I'm Jillian from the good ole Lone Star State...yes, TEXAS! For years I've talked about taking a cruise...they just look like so much fun! It really was one of those "maybe one day" deals that hardly ever go beyond talking, which was fine with me...that is until now. Don't get me wrong, I love the water, I love the sun and I love the beach...I even love boats. in the kind you take out for the day and no matter where you go land is no more than 30 minutes away and ALWAYS visible. Needless to say, I am freaking out! To top it off, after committing and buying a ticket I thought I'd calm my anxiety with a glass of wine and watch a little TV...sounded, remote and even a fire in the fireplace. Relaxation. Click...and what do you know popped up on that screen...The Titanic! 2 hours later and a bottle of wine my mild case of the jitters turned into overly dramatic and outrageously ridiculous fear. At least I can admit when I'm being a ridiculous drama queen...nonetheless I'm terrified! What's even more terrifying is how I'm going to look in a swimsuit and a big orange life vest! I will be known as the 'Ship Idiot'...this could be bad! 😬
    The cruise is with NCL. Leaves out of Houston on a SHIP named Jade. I was hoping some of you kind cruisers could help a gal out and tell me what to expect, what I need to know, need to bring...other than my big orange life vest...basically, if at all possible teach me how to act like I've been cruising for years...that might be a stretch! Seriously, I want to know everything!

    Looking forward to meeting y'all and hearing your stories and/or will all be more than appreciated.

    Happy Cruising! 🚢

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    You are hilarious! I was super scared my first time too. BUT the ships are so big most of the time u don't even feel like u r on a ship. Not sure what kind of room you booked but we got an inside cabin and unfortunately the first night i became very claustrophobic and almost panicked didn't help that I had TOO many drinks of the day at the sail away party which made it worse. After the first day we had a blast and i had no more issues. Didn't even get sea sick.. U will not be the SHIP IDIOT.. LOL! Just relax and grab a drink and have fun! I can't comment on a warm tropical cruise cuz our first cruise was to Alaska last year but we are going to the Carribean in April.. Where are you sailing to?

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