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    New to crusin

    Our first cruise is december 2018. Just a short 4 day to see if i like it. So excited! Worried about sea sickness. Ive been reading everything about cruising. I think we will have fun!

    What are some of your tips or thoughts?

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    You will love it... Stay mid ship if you can.. Not as much motion in that area.. It is what you make it to be.. I Love to cruise.. Love to cruise.. Take in as much as you can.. I started with 5 day and have done a 7 day.. Just booked to Bermuda next year.. As they say.. I'm addicted.. LOL

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    I always bring Seabands along to be safe. They go on your wrists.

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    Don't worry about sea sickness unless you are susceptible to travel sickness. Get the patch from your primary care physician! Enjoy!

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    I don't get motion sickness in planes, jet skis or on small boats but I get it on large ships. If your worried buy the wrist bands and get the motion sickness prevention patches from amazon and bring them with. I wear both and have 0 issues. My first cruise I just used the wrist band but this last one I went on I used both.

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    anyone know the name of the band on the carnival miracle

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    sorry trying to figure out how to use this website! Just registered and cant figure much out yet

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