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Thread: My favorite umbrella drink??

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    My favorite umbrella drink??

    I tend to be a bourbon drinker,
    but when on a cruise boat I feel one is obligated
    to hold an umbrella drink in ones hand at least once.
    Or was that ten times?
    Well, anyway, I've found that these rum based concoctions are notorious
    for causing instant heartburn.
    But the one umbrella drink that doesnt have me instantly reaching for the TUMS,

    Not sure why this is, if its basic chemistry or placebo effect,
    but I can drink four of these and have no issues.
    Or maybe Im just not feeling any pain after four of them?

    Try em, if nothing else they are darned tasty!

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    I'm drinking a orange/pineapple/ banana juice with whipped cream vodka with a midget.

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