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Thread: Apprehensive cruiser

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    Apprehensive cruiser

    I've booked a cruise with my family out of obligation to the extended in laws. I have travelled extensively, spending a total of seven years overseas. I like living in other countries, walking travelling, eating street food, cultural immersion, exotic alien places, wandering, going on adventures, the thrill of new places, foods, languages customs.

    Cruising by comparison seems like a sanitised boring way to travel. A floating generic resort packed with a thousand odd people from your home country (isn't the whole idea of travel to GET AWAY from people from your home country? ) where you just spend the whole time killing time until you get to the destination, and then you have a short stop grappling for some sort of grab and go cultural experience with 2000 others at the same time? You get ripped off by locals who see you as a cash cow....

    sometimes im looking forward to it, but I'm actually half dreading he whole thing. Destination cruise ship with a few exotic pit stops....

    i could just just spend half the time drunk I guess, or just stuff myself until I pile on the kilos, or just bring a pile of books...?

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    My friend, vacations are what you make them. I see from your comments that you are an experienced traveller. Cruises are really meant for a certain type of persons that want to experience places but not too far off the beaten path. In comparison, you may be a tad bored, but I say make the most of it. We all have one life to live and if life hands you lemons.... Add tequilla and salt! Relax, enjoy (or try). Would love to read your thoughts after the fact.

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