I am planning to go on a cruize trip with my boyfriend, Nate. We have been together for a year now. So, I am thinking of celebrating our one year on a cruise. He is very special to me. I met him through a gay dating service. When I met him, I was going through a heartbreak. One day, out of the blue, without any reason my ex-boyfriend broke up with me. He ended our one-year relationship. I was devastated and deeply hurt. I felt alone, and couldn’t bear the pain. I locked up myself for days until one of my friends came to see me how I was doing.
After that incident, I was really not interested in having a relationship, but my friend and her boyfriend convinced me to meet up with a gay dating service. Well, that worked out pretty good. The service fixed a date with a guy who was perfect for me. We hit it off on the first date itself. We felt like as if we knew each other already. We had a lot in common. We are still going. He has been very patient and understanding. So, I want to make him feel special and loved. I wanted to something new and refreshing, that how cruize came into my mind. Any good place where we can celebrate our first year anniversary. Please suggest.