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Thread: Balcony worth it??

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    Cool Balcony worth it??

    Just wondering if anyone has ever had a cabin with a balcony is it worth it the added expense. We currently have a room with a porthole and i keep wondering should we upgrade or just leave it as is. Our trip is not until February 2016. My hubby says oh you will change your mind 1000 times before then. Suggestions anyone?? This is our first cruise. Of course i want it to be perfect so please anyone who has went before let me know your opinions.

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    I love having a balcony. It's great for watching the scenery even though it may be just the ocean. I like to have coffee in the morning and a drink late at night out on my balcony. Had an aft balcony once on an Alaskan cruise and enjoyed watching the whales, eagles, and sea lions around the ship. I take a small pair of binoculars on my cruise. I used to book ocean view but got upgraded to a balcony several years ago and now always want one. I think that you will not regret getting a balcony.​

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    we have gone on 5 cruises (6 next February) and have had 3 balconies versus 2 ocean view (not porthole but large window) - even with that I would take a balcony every time, of course depending on the length of your cruise...I have done 4 days without balconies, but 7 days or longer....definite balcony..Alaska was amazing with a balcony because when there is something to see we had our own private viewing area instead of being jammed in.....

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    Thanks I just can't decide. We are doing a 4 day and i just cannot decide. It is not until february. I almost at this point almost wish we had done a 7 day however its our first and since i have anxiety i worry too much that i will get sick on the boat etc. My husband has been great with all the planning and i get soo frustrated bc i couldn't even get a travel agent to help so im basically doing all the planning they all wanted to sent us on an all inclusive trip not what i wanted. He keeps saying it will be amazing when we get on the boat without me having a meltdown. If i could make a decision it would be great. I keep going back and forth. Yet when we get back into miami i booked a hotel with a balcony so i jsut can't decide.

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    The balcony is the only way to travel and if you are worried about being sick you can go out for the fresh air. Also I have heard that if you can see the horizon it is less likely that you will get seasick. Green apples may help with seasickness and they will deliver to your room if you do get sick.
    You can also open the door to hear the water. Love the balcony, I have cruised 2 times and would not go to any other level it is worth the extra money to me

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    My last cruise was balcony. It was our first time at having one. It spoils you for anything else. I would go again on short cruise with a window but never again interior. I choose balcony if I can afford it.

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    We booked adjoining balcony staterooms for our family group on Disney Wonder to Alaska last summer. Definitely worth it! Coffee at first light, evenings as well. South of Skagway, we saw dozens of whales, for many miles. Depending on the cruise, select port or starboard to maximize viewing.

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    My husband didn't want to pay the extra money for the balcony for our cruise in September, so I booked it anyway and I am paying the difference. I am going to surprise him! I am sure he will thank me considering he is claustrophobic and probably would hate a room with a porthole. This is his first cruise and I would hate for him to be miserable. I say you should go with your gut and upgrade!

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    Balcony is great , worth the extra money

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    I am claustrophobic and have been on 5 cruises so far, all the gulf ones and Alaska. We only book balcony rooms and it gives me a place to step out and chill any time I want. I also love the views. On the Alaska trip it's a requirement, found our balcony one of the best viewing spots at times. Also, one of my kids suffers from motion sickness and we have given him Ginger pills for this for over 15 years. The DR recommended it. They work as good as Dramamine but no side effects. I talked to a fellow traveler on one trip that was upset the Dramamine patch made him sooo sleepy. I told him about ginger pills and he bought some at the next port and took off the patch, later he said it worked great. Another suggestion, familiarize yourself with the deck maps prior to the trip and when you get on the ship take a little time to walk around and explore each deck and make notes. This will allow you to plan your days and know where your going. Also, the ships publish a daily newsletter they leave in your room which outlines the next day's port times/activities and ship activity times/locations. This will allow you to get the most out of the trip and keep you in control. Remember, the best part of crusing is you can do it your way and don't have to follow the crowd. I keep my excursions simple, maybe one or two planned ones, the rest of the ports we just explore, do a tour of the area, etc. Have FUN!!!

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    Are you cruising on Carnival? Last year on our 3rd cruise I booked us an interior room because of the price. If you check their website every weekend after you book your interior room at some point they will offer a balcony sale where you upgrade to a balcony room for the same price as your interior room. Ours was $599 and we got a balcony room for $599. It's only a 3 day sale and you have to catch them when they do it and they only do it once for each cruise. Also if your flexible on when you go usually the second or third week in January is the cheapest week to go in winter. Just some of my findings in research. Tip on a balcony room is front cabins on deck 7 they have the ships control room that sticks out over those two balconies on each side and is shaded and cooler to sit out on in the daytime. Also when you leave some of the ports you will be able to see the dolphins escorting the ships out to sea.

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    Oh Yes. It is the only way to go. When you want fresh air but now crowds it is nice to have your own balcony to sit on. You will want some down time but still want to see what is going on. Also for sailing into a port it is nice not to have to fight for a space on the rail.

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    Balcony!! This is our 10th cruise and balcony is the way to go. We have booked Carnival Valor for 11-21-2015 and have aft balcony which is oversize balcony. Since our first balcony my wife only wants a balcony room.

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    Balconies are definitely worth the extra money. My wife and I have had just a window cabin an d a balcony. So relaxing to sit on your balcony with a drink or book and watch the world go by!

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    Totally agree with the other posters. Balcony rooms are definitely worth the extra cost. Our first few cruises were with inside cabins and outside cabins with portholes before trying one with a balcony. The fresh air and expanded views from a balcony to us are worth the extra cost.

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    Absolutely worth it. I wouldn't cruise any other way.

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    Balcony!!!! i have never not had a balcony and would go less and be able to have the balcony when i went. i just got back yesterday from a cruise and we used the balcony to have breakfast which is really nice when you are arriving in a port. we sat out there some during the day and then at night while one of us was showering the other would enjoy the balcony. also at night before we went to bed, it was nice to take one last look.

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    the balcony is muh more calming, relaxing and romantic. as for the seasickness my dad went with us and gets real sick on ferries and was nervous he brought both his braclets and prescription pills for seasickness and by 3rd day of our 8 day cruise he wasn't even wearing his bracelets anymore, that said when he got home and had to cross the ferry he was just as sick as he used to get on them.

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    I hope your balcony worked out. I would have suggested to try all the options over time, after 16 cruises I gave up on balconies 10 cruises ago. Porthole is the best if you can get it...we just did not go out on the balcony, and someting to see was always on the other side..

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    our first cruise we had a interior room, we didn't mind but as we have cruised a few times more we tired of sitting on the decks with a lot of people. we now get rooms with balconies just for our peace and quiet. my wife and myself are both getting over cancers (breast for her throat for me) so needless to say we cherish our quiet, balconies are worth it for us. each situation for folks is different im sure as time passes and if you all go on more cruises you will be able to answer for yourselves, good luck and may God bless

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