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Thread: Cove balcony vs balcony

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    Cove balcony vs balcony

    Which is better cove balcony or balcony? What is difference? Is difference in price worth it?

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    Google "cruise cove balcony" there are comments there seems most like cove cause its closer to the water. We prefer aft balcony they are larger and yes balcony is well worth it.

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    I prefer too aft balcony as already deckhand seid they are much larger than Cove balcony

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    I had a cove balcony on my first cruise - loved it

    as you can see from that picture - you are very close to the water - there is a storm door that staff can close if the weather/water gets really bad

    my next trip is an aft balcony - the highest one on the Freedom so I can tell you which I like better after the next trip

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