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Thread: Carnival Cruise Lines' Recipes!

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    I recently enjoyed the Beef Short Ribs with eggplant. It was amazing. I had never tried eggplant before but if it all tastes like that I will have to try it again. I would love the recipe they used for this.

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    My wife and I just completed 2 Carnival splendor cruises in the past 4 weeks.
    All that I drank were Bahama Mama's.
    I don't see it in the Beverage Recipes list.
    I would really like the recipe for carnival splendor ''s
    Version of the Bahama Mama.

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    My wife and I just completed 2 Carnival splendor cruises in the past 4 weeks.
    All that I drank were Bahama Mama's.
    I don't see it in the Beverage Recipes list and I forgot to take a picture of the recipe  card when I was at the splendor's bar.
    Can I please have the recipe for carnival splendor's version of the Bahama Mama.

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    Just found these recipes on this thread.....yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks sooooooo much!

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    I was on the Imagination in October and have been searching for the recipe for cheesecake with a berry chili sauce. It was served in the Spirit Dining room.

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    I went on the Carnival Splendor with my husband for our honeymoon. We loved a lot of the food, but I'm looking for 2 recipes. My husband's favorite: The Beef Stroganoff, and my favorite: The Assorted Seafood, Newburg Style. We would be so happy if the those recipes were posted so I could recreate those dishes at home and get to relive our wonderful honeymoon (even if it's just for a moment!).

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    Our first night on our first cruise (BEST EVER!!), we had this english pea vegetable that went with the Pork Tenderloin - can you get the recipe for it? Oh, and would love the recipe for the Bing Cherry Chilled soup!

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    UMMMM, YESSSS - I would love that recipe, too.

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    I was on the Carnival Valor and had the best bloody mary out by the pool. I kinda watched him make the mix from scratch, but cant remember everything he put in. I would love to have the actual recipe if anyone knows it. Thanks!

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    Does anyone know the recipe for the Fiery Tropical Passion Martini from Alchemy bar? I don't know where they got their spicy mango puree. I've attempted to make it, but it does Not taste the same.

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    Just returned from a cruise on Carnival Valor & would love the recipe for the Sweet potato soup.

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    Would like recipe for Indian Vegetable dish.

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    I would like the recipe for the Iced Mochachino from the Coffee Bar. (had it on the Liberty...I drank at least 2 a day!)

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    We just returned from Carnival's "Glory" on Apr 30th. Every other night at dinner they served a Cranberry Bread. It was soooo good. Does any one have that recipe? I took the extra from the table each night to our room to finish it off. The servers got where they would bring us a whole tray of this. Good people! I would really love to have the recipe if anyone knows it. I think it had white whole wheat flour in it but I'm not sure. It was so good with the butter.

    Thanks so much for the help.

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    Just got back from a cruise on Carnival Magic. I tried a dish called La Bandera (from the Dominican Republic) and loved it and would very much like to make it at home. Can I get the recipe for it here? Would also love the get the recipe for the Cranberry bread. Also Carnival a number of years ago had a sundried tomato bread that was delicious. Do you think they'll start serving that again? I'd love the recipe for that as well. Love Carnival foods!

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    I am not sure how to post here but I have a drink question. We cruise Carnival and my all time favorite drink is the Mojitos they serve on the boats. Is the recipe available? If so can I get it? Thanks

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    Hell. I was just on the imagination and had the most wonderful chile rellenos. Made with poblano peppers. Could you please post the recipe?

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    I would like the recipe for the hazelnut chocolate cake from the Carnival Breeze

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    Just got off Carnival Glory and was wondering if anyone knows the recipe for the blue drink in the comedy club?

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    Can anyone give me the recipe for chilled peach soup? Just cruised on Carnival Ecstasy and the peach soup was delicious!! Thanks!

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