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Thread: Carnival Cruise Lines' Recipes!

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    Does anyone know the recipe for the drink "DJs Fave" that's sold in the liquid lounge?? Was great on the Carnival Vista last week!

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  3. anyone have an idea about the recipe for carnivals sweet ?

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    recipe for baked shrimp with tomato preserve

    Does anyone have the recipe for baked shrimp with tomato preserve(s), which is served compliments of the chef at the Steakhouse? My son just finished two years dancing on the Carnival Dream, and would love the recipe!

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    Flaming tomato soup

    ​flaDoes anyone have the flaming tomato soup recipe?!

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    Hi I'm after the spaghetti bolognaise recipe served in the dining room of carnival spirit back in 2014!

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    I would like the recipe for lychee soup (chilled). Just came off the cruise and it was amazing

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    I would like the recipe for the breakfast chocolate ****ins found at the buffet.

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    I would like the recipe for Carnival's amazing cranberry rolls served in the dining room please

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    I would love the recipe for Carnival's banana bread and chocolate ****ins. Thanks!

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    I LOVED the chili relleno I had on the Imagination 4 day cruise (Catalina and Ensenada). Any chance I can get that recipe?

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    i make killer cheesecakes, but the one in the steak house beats mine hands down. could i please get the recipe?

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    Hey, last cruise I went on, was the first time I'd ever had a Mai Tai. When I got home I started ordering them but they were never the same color or flavor. I was wondering if Carnival has their own version of the recipe and if so could you post it for me?

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    We just cruised on the Ecstasy, and the dessert selection on the last night included a "buttered popcorn pot de creme". Is there a recipe for this??? It was delicious!

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    I just came back from a Cruise on the Carnival Sunshine and we had the most delicious dessert on earth!!!! The smores Parfait! Is it possible to have the receipe?

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    Another cruiser looking for the recipe for the Carnival Flaming Tomato Soup on the Brunch Menu. Has anyone had luck finding it?

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    I would like the recipe of the S'more Parfait!

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    I was on the Carnival Glory March 11-18, 2017. My husband and I did the Chefs table and absolutely loved the experience. We are not big on tomato soup, however they served a tomato bisque made with yellow and red tomatoes and crisped brioche that was amazing. We would love to get the recipe..... Thanks

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    Hello does anyone know what is actually in the Pina Colada Mix and the Strawberry Daiguiri Mix? I like the Miami Vice but wanted to know ingredients as I need to know if they are Gluten Free. I know the Bacari 151 is gluten free. Just wanted to know the other ingredients.

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    I would like the recipe for the Alchemy Sidecar. Please.

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    hi everyone, I would like the Greek farmer's salad recipe

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