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Thread: Carnival Cruise Lines' Recipes!

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    My family & I just came back from a trip to Cozumel & Progresso on the Carnival Valor. Each night for dinner they had an amazing cranberry bread that was so good. I need this recipe!

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    I would love the recipe for Shade Ade.

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    I was just on the Carnival Freedom and I would like the recipe for the orzo rice pilaf they served on lobster night! So good!!

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    Could I get the recipe for the Grandslam cocktail from the Skybox bar with exact measurements.

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    i would like the recipe for the blues blues frozen margarita please on carnival cruise

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    Yes they are wonderful I would also like that recipe for the cranberry rolls

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    We were just on the Dream and would love the recipes for the peach and mango soups

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    I'm looking for the Champagne Soup recipe, served on Carnival Freedom, 12/31/2017. It was amazing. Thanks.

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    Looking for the carmelize cheesecake receipe.... it is only served on is amazing.....

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    Does anybody have the Chef’s Table recipes? The Bisque Two Ways recipe in particular is what I am looking for!

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    Hi im not sure if u guys still have it or not but if you do i would really love it if you guys's could get me your s'mores parfait recipe. Would be much appreciated! Please and thank you! ☺

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    Looking for Recipe for
    Blue Bahama and Rum Runner

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    I’m in extreme need of this cheesecake! I want to recreate it and I can’t even find a recipe similar. This cheesecake is the caramilized cheesecake from the sea day brunch. Please and Thank you!

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    I would like the Mac n cheese recipe from the kids menu... Without the bacon and chicken please

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    I would also like some of the salmon recipes.

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    We had the shrimp and corn soup and it was awesome!! I would love this recipe!!!

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    I am looking for the recipe for the Frozen Raspberry Daquiri.

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    I would like the recipe for crispy stuffed portobello with spinach butternut squash and Parmesan cream
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    Could I get the recipe for the Roasted Pineapple dessert please? it's listed as a low-cal dessert I believe. thanks.

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    I would love the recipe for the chipotle mayo from Guy’s Burger Joint please.

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