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Thread: Cheers Program

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    Quote Originally Posted by captddug View Post
    If you are booked on a cruise log on to your account and chose fun shops then In-Room Beverages and it shows what liquor you can buy to have in your room but Rum is like 80 dollars a bottle. End Quote
    Remember though, that the bottle you buy through the Fun Shops is a LITER - not a fifth. You'll get 22 pours from a liter as opposed to 17 from a fifth. Divide the $80 by 22 and you're only paying about $3.64 a drink - and no added 15% gratuity - BUT you've got to also buy your own mixer (or bring 12 cans onboard with you), and run back to your cabin every time you need another drink instead of just calling the drink boy over....depends on whether that's worth another $3 over going back to your cabin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    That is incorrect, but I can see how you may have gotten this impression.

    You can purchase the program on your embarkation day or the next day, either way you purchase it will be for the entire cruise. So if you purchase on the second day any drinks you paid for on embarkation day will be converted over and fall under the Cheers program and you will be charged for the Cheers program for your embarkation day also.

    The ONLY exception to this is cruises sailing from Texas. Due to TX liquor laws the program cannot be purchased on embarkation day and any drinks purchased on embarkation day cannot retroactively be added to the program either. For TX sailings you purchase the program on the second day and for the remainder of the cruise.

    Cheers Beverage Program - Carnival Cruise Lines - CRUISIN End Quote
    Alabama and NewYork have the same law!!

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    on this website, under information & tips.. it says that beer can be sold in buckets (4 beers per bucket) and for $2 per bucket.. is this right? or is it $2 off a bucket? Does anyone know how much a bucket is?

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    "It is discounted $2.00/bucket (.50 cents/beer)"

    Take whatever the price per beer is (varies by type) multiple by 4 (4 beers in a bucket) and subtract $2.00 = price of a bucket of 4 beers.

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    We just got off Carnival Valor (Galveston to Cozumel back to Galveston), bucket of beer cost about $25.00 for 4 beers. We purchased a drink package prior to our cruise, the first day at sea we had a bottle of Crown and Coke's and a 4 pack of Michelob delivered to our room. The bottle had to stay in the room, but you can fix what ever size glass you want to carry with you when you leave your room. The beers are the pry off top, no twist off, so we had to carry the beer to the bars and ask the bartender to open for us.

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