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Thread: Cheers Program Purchase

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    Cheers Program Purchase

    The last time we cruised we purchased the Cheers Program on the second day of our cruise and I don`t remember if we just paid for the remaining days.
    Does anyone know if you purchase the program on the next day out of port (second day) is the purchase price for the remaining time. In other words on an eight day cruise
    will I only have to pay for seven?

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    Rules may have changed slightly since you last cruised on Carnival.

    What you mentioned above is what happens out of the Galveston Port ONLY now. This is due to TX State laws. As for all other ports if you purchase on the second day you will be back charged for the Cheers Program for the first day and any drinks you originally paid for individually on the first day will be credited back to your account. So for all ports, except Galveston, on an 8 day cruise you will be charged for 8 days of the Cheers Program.

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    I am so glad i found this forum!
    Never been on a caribian cruise or even been to the states!
    So i will hang around this forum and read and ask silly things!

    We will go from Miami at 4 pm 10th of October and will be back in Miami 8 am 17th October.

    How many days would we have to buy to get the Cheers Program?

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