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Thread: Recent FUNTIMES Issue for Carnival Freedom 7 Day Eastern Caribean

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    Recent FUNTIMES Issue for Carnival Freedom 7 Day Eastern Caribean

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can get a download or clear pic of the most Recent FunTimes for Carnival Freedom Eastern 7 Day Caribbean Cruise that visits Turks/Caicos, San Juan, and St Maarten? The most recent one I could find was on this Website, but it is for last Sept. I would prefer one for Dec, 2014. Or better yet for the Jan 2015 Cruises. I contacted the Carnival and was told they do not give them out in advance, so I would settle for Dec 2014.

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    Well, you actually did about the only thing you can do - post your request so other cruisers can see it.

    Carnival as you have already found out does not post any Fun Times for upcoming cruises and rarely posts any from past cruises. The selection we have here on CRUISIN is the largest selection on the internet and they come from numerous locations including from our own CRUISIN member submissions.

    One good thing is even the older Fun Times are still useful. Most things do not change month to month or even year to year. You will find in many cases an 18 month old Fun Times is very similar to the current one for the same itinerary.

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