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Thread: What time should we arrive?

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    What time should we arrive?

    We leave October 17th, from Port of New Orleans on Carnival Elation for a 5 day cruise to the Western Carribean. Our boarding passes say our embarkation is scheduled for 1:30-3:00, but we've been told by numerous people to get there around 9-10AM to get onboard faster. We also bought the Faster to the Fun package. This is our first cruise ever, so I'm not sure what to do.

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    Hi Nicole, you definitely want to arrive early, but not too early. 11 am would be your best bet. There are usually long lines just getting into the terminal and it can be a bit of a wait. Faster to the Fun pass is really not worth the money that you spent on it as you will learn soon. You usually get on the ship 30 min prior to the other folks. Have a fun cruise!

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