I live approximately 8 miles from Southampton, and had intended going to Town Pier to watch and photograph the arrival of Queen Victoria following her refit. ETA scheduled for 1400, and I was tracking her on Cruisin. However she stalled south of the Isle of Wight, some 30 miles short of the port of Southampton. Stalled, that is, according to the tracker, even though her speed was showing 13 knots. By the time I realised there was a glitch in the tracking data, it was too late to make the journey to the pier.
Was this lack of information the fault of the ship (camera not available either due to satellite issues)?
During her refit, the camera feed disappeared, due to (I am guessing) the power supply being disconnected. It reappeared two or three weeks later with the what seems to be obligatory "satellite issues" caption, even though there was a perfectly good connection when she arrived in the port for her refit!