Hello Cruisers,

My son and his Dad are on the MSC Divina in Florida right now. My son just texted me that he has just boarded the ship and it is Massive. He has been in the Sea Scouts for 5 years and just graduated from High School. He will be going into college to major in Maritime Studies to learn to be a Captain on a ship, so he will be joining the NROTC and then he will join the Navy once he finishes school.

He would love to be able to talk to some of the Bridge officers while he is on this cruise but, we do not know who he can talk to on the ship that would be able to set him up with a meeting with one of them. I did find out that because of the ISIS terror issues that they will not allow anyone on the bridge anymore and that the Captain is usually too busy to meet with him, but, I thought maybe if the Captain would have time to talk with him if he can have lunch or dinner at the same table that would be really amazing. If you have to be a special or important person to be able to eat with the Captain then maybe one of his officers would be willing to sit and talk with my son about the work he will be doing in the future.

So if anyone is on the MSC Divina cruise today and can get this message to the right person I would be very grateful.

Thank you, Nora (Attila's Mom) Hell