This is for those of you unfamiliar with what a Roll Call is or maybe just unfamiliar with how to start one here on CRUISIN.

A Roll Call is a way for cruisers going on the same cruise to interact and/or make plans with each other before actually going on the cruise. Here at CRUISIN we have a one-of-a-kind Roll Call & Events system that automates much of the work in keeping your Roll Calls organized allowing you more time to make plans and enjoy the Roll Calls themselves.

You can have your Roll Call started up in about 5 minutes so what are you waiting for, get it started! will take you longer to read through this post than it will to actually start your Roll Call.

There are 2 parts to starting a Roll Call here on CRUISIN. Each step will take just a minute or two.

1) Start A Thread -
(a chat room) in the forums for your Roll Call. This will allow you and other Roll Call members to chat with each other in a central location.

  • How To Start A Thread:
    • First see if a thread already exists for your cruise. Do can do this by either searching the Roll Call Forums for your specific cruise, or you can manually look for the Roll Call thread. We recommend manually looking because sometimes members may misspell and then the search may not find it. To manually look go first to either the Ocean Cruise Line Roll Calls Forum or River Cruise Line Roll Calls Forum, whichever is pertinent to your cruise. Then find your cruise line in the list, then select your specific ship from under the cruise line. Once you have clicked on your ship you will see all of the active Roll Calls for it. See if a Roll Call thread exists for your specific embarkation date. If a Roll Call thread already exists for your cruise ship/embarkation date combination then skip on to part 2).
    • If a Roll Call thread does not exist, select the "Post New Thread" button and start one (this is assuming you are within the forum related to your specific cruise ship, see how to manually get there above). Use a thread title that is informative. Example "Carnival Breeze - June 24, 2013 - Miami, FL". This way someone can easily see exactly what Roll Call it is by just looking at the list of thread titles. Adding your embarkation port as in this example above is also a good idea. This will help those searching for say a cruise out of Miami in June 2013 to come across your Roll Call while they are trying to find a cruise to go on. In the actual text section of the post you can add anything you want, if you're not in the chatting mood yet, just add a quick note and click the "Submit New Thread" button. That's is your done with Part 1.

2) Start Your Roll Call - this is where you will start your Roll Call in our automated Roll Call & Events system.

BEFORE posting a question below, please read the Roll Call & Events Guide. Many of your questions will already be answered there.