• Authorities give the final go ahead to attempt to re-float the Costa Concordia

    costa_concordia.jpgAfter 20 months of resting on it's side atop a reef off the coast of Giglio Island, Italy the Costa Concordia may finally be floating again soon. The final go ahead has been given by Italy's Civil Protection Agency and the first attempt at up-righting the crippled Costa Concordia is scheduled to occur today 9/16/2013.

    The Costa Concordia struck the reef on January 13, 2012 causing a 230-foot gash in the hull which eventually capsized the ship on the reef. Of the 4200 passengers and crew aboard 32 lives were lost, including two which have not been recovered.

    Shortly after the disastrous accident it was determined the the ship itself would not be able to be returned to service. The Costa Concordia at that time was written off as a total loss and the operations surrounding the vessel became salvage operations.

    The attempt to up-right and float the ship to a salvage yard is an engineering feat never before attempted on such a large ship and being so close to shore. Once the attempt to up-right the ship begins it is expected to take 10 to 12 hours to fully upright the ship from it's current position on it's side at a 65 degree angle.

    During the time the ship is being up-righted there is scheduled to be a no-fly zone enforced overhead to eliminate the possibility of communication issues from noise caused by circling aircraft. That does not mean you can not few the uprighting operation of the Costa Concordia! We currently have a live port camera feed here on CRUISIN from the Giglio Island port/harbor with a view of the Costa Concordia in it's current resting position. The schedule / time frame may change depending on any technical issues confronted or adverse weather conditions.

    Watch The Costa Concordia Salvage Operation - LIVE Video Stream - Live Video Coverage
    Watch The Costa Concordia Salvage Operation - Still Images - Zoomed view on the Costa Concordia from the Giglio, Italy Port Camera
    Giglio, Italy Port Camera - Full view of the Giglio, Italy Port Camera

    There is expected to be a lot of traffic to this camera over the next week. If the image does not come up immediately please try again later. Our system will automatically attempt to get a new image from the camera every 30 seconds but the likelihood of the camera being able to handle all the world-wide traffic requests is not very good.

    Update: 9/16/2013 10:18PM EDT - The Costa Concordia has been uprighted and is now resting in its' vertical position on an underwater platform. The uprighting process took a little longer than expected (approximately 19 hours total). The delay was mostly attributed to a halt in operations while a storm passed through the area overnight. The salvage operations will continue over the next couple months in preparation for a re-float / tow-away in early Spring 2014.

    Salvage Operation Illustration