• Carnival Triumph Loses Propulsion After Engine Room Fire

    The Carnival Triumph lost propulsion and is operating on emergency power after an engine room fire Sunday morning approximately 150 miles off the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. The fire occurred just a few hours after leaving the Port of Cozumel on Sunday morning en-route back to it's homeport of Galveston, Texas.

    The Carnival Triumph is currently on a four-day cruise that departed Galveston, Texas on Thursday. There are 3,143 guests and 1,086 crew members on board. At this time there are no reported deaths or injuries. According to Carnival, the ship’s automatic fire extinguishing systems activated and the fire was contained to the aft engine room. The ship's technical crew is continuing to assess the damage and attempting to restore power.

    The U.S. Coast Guard and other authorities have been notified. Officials say tugboats are being dispatched to the ship's location in the event they are needed. All guests have been asked to remain in the ship’s public areas and open decks. Much of the ships electrical system, including environmental (heating / cooling) will be extremely limited while under emergency power.

    From Carnival’s press update: “Guests are being provided with food and refreshments. All guests on the current voyage will receive a full refund inclusive of gratuities and any transportation expenses."

    Carnival says it is in the process of contacting the designated emergency contacts for all guests on board. Concerned family and loved ones of guests and crew may call 1-888-290-5095 or 1-305-406-5534.

    Carnival has also contacted guests booked on the next voyage, which was scheduled to depart tomorrow, to make them aware of the situation and advise that tomorrow’s voyage will not depart as scheduled. Guests have the option of cancelling now and receiving a full refund or waiting for further information to determine if a shortened, partial voyage may be possible.

    This incident calls to mind the November 8, 2010 fire on the Carnival Splendor. The Splendor floated for several days without power. The ship was towed into the Port of San Diego by six tug boats. Due to the distance and time involved with tugging the boat back to port, the U.S. Navy was called in to airlift non-perishable food to the passengers and crew. The Carnival Splendor was out of service for over 3 months while repairs were completed.

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