• CRUISIN Is Now Tracking Over 350 Cruise Ships!

    trackingmap.jpgCRUISIN is now tracking over 350 cruise ships throughout the world. This is the largest single collection of strictly cruise ships being tracked anywhere on the internet. You will find both Ocean and River cruise ships in our interactive tracking system.

    Link to tracker: CRUISIN - Cruise Ship Tracking Map (LIVE)

    Our system works in conjunction with a worldwide database of ships. We have filtered out the other vessels leaving you with the ability to view just passenger cruising vessels. The system will allow you to "Search" for the a specific ship or you can just go to the map area and explore the ships on your own.

    Selecting / Clicking on a ship will pop-up an information block on the ship. The information included may be any or all of the following:
    1. Ship Name
    2. Flag Ship Is Sailing Under
    3. Ship Type
    4. Ship Status
    5. Speed/Course
    6. Length & Breadth Of The Ship
    7. Draught Of The Ship
    8. Destination
    9. Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA)
    10. How Long Ago The Last Update Was Received

    This information block will also include a link to view images of the ship if they are any available. The images come from a database of ship images submitted by individuals throughout the world. In cases where the a ship has been sailing for awhile and there are numerous photos it will give a sort history of the ship. The images may show different ownerships, paint schemes, and cruising regions/destinations over the history since the ship was launched.

    Be sure to share a link to our interactive tracker with your friends and family.
    CRUISIN - Cruise Ship Tracking Map (LIVE)