• Forum Enhancements

    You'll notice shortly that the CRUISIN Forum has many enhancements. We will continually be testing and adding new functionality to our forums to give you a better experience. Some functions currently installed that you may find useful include but are not limited to:

    1) Check If Already Posted: This allows you to enter a new post title and click the "Check If Already Posted" button to see if a similar topic has already been posted. This should help reduce a lot of duplicate posts for those who don't take the time to search before posting. We still ask you search before you post!

    2) Forum Column Organization: We have organized all our forums to make them much easier to scan through and in turn easier to find the exact forum you are looking for. This should help reduce posting in the wrong forum.

    3) Signature Ignore System: Yes, with most forums you can ignore everyone's signature (and you can still do that here if you choose). What we have done is gone a step further and allowed you to ignore signatures on an individual basis. Ignoring all signatures can make you miss out on a lot of good information posted by members in their signatures. This enhancement allows you to selectively ignore signatures of members whom you do not want to view. Just select "Ignore Signature" when you encounter a signature you prefer not to view. Our site will then remember your settings and will hide that member's signature for you until you click to "View Signature" for that member again.

    4) Post Like System: Wonder if that user with over 5,000 posts is actually posting useful and accurate information? Well, now with this system in place you will have a better idea. Our system allows you to click "Like" on any post. Clicking the like is a way of thanking someone for a useful post or answering a question you asked. The "Likes Given" and "Likes Received" are then displayed for all to see. This in turn can help you to distinguish how much you can rely on the posts of individual members. Not that any member would intentionally lead you astray, but some members will be more well versed than others. Since this is a new site with a new forum this system will not be as useful immediately, but over time I believe it will prove to be a great addition.

    ...and so many more!

    Have a look around and see what you can find. Don't forget to leave us feedback.