• The German "Love Boat" is up for sale!

    The German "Love Boat" known as the Deutschland (Germany) is up for sale. The current owner, Peter Deilmann Cruises, filed for bankruptcy last year and the ultimate fate of it's last ship, the Deutschland, is unknown. Earlier last month it looked like a deal would be made with Crystal Cruises, but this has since fallen through and all current cruises have been cancelled. Peter Deilmann Cruises had hoped to transition most of its' current crew and already booked cruise dates over to the new owner.

    The Deutschland was used as the back drop ship for the German TV series "Das Traumschiff" (The Dream Ship) based loosely off the American TV Series "The Love Boat" which ran for 10 years from 1977 to 1987.

    Peter Deilmann Cruises has been under financial stress for some time. In 2009 it shut down it's river cruise division. In 2010 the cruise line chartered the ill-fated Air France Flight 4950, a New York City bound Concorde flight. The flight crashed on takeoff out of Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris killing all aboard. The charter flight was carrying over 90 passengers for a 16-day cruise aboard the Deutschland. The passengers were expected to embark the Deutschland in New York and cruise to South America.

    Sale of the Deutschland has been hindered for numerous reasons. The ship's size is relatively small compared to current cruise industry standards which means significantly less onboard amenities offered as compared to larger ships. The ship has a maximum passenger capacity of 520 cruisers as compared to the newest mega ships being built today which can hold in excess of 3,000 passengers. The lack of any balcony cabins also hinders bookings. Many cruisers have come to expect a balcony cabin option to be offered.

    If you have about 60 million USD you can put an offer in for the Deutschland. Valentine's Day is approaching and what better gift than "Das Love Boat"!

    On a side note, the original American TV Series "Love Boat", the Pacific Princess, was decommissioned and taken apart for recycling in 2013.

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    1. Victormario's Avatar
      Victormario -
      Such memories of this vessel,all the places it visited,the people I met,not to mention the night I went back to a pair of middle aged sisters cabin,we missed breakfast that morning.
    1. loveboat's Avatar
      loveboat -
      My first two cruises were on the original Pacific Princess, so have really fond memories of her and the fun we had. I still enjoy cruising but I hate to say this but it isn't like the "good old days". the cruise staff were always around not just for the contests and "the Art Auction" but to engage with the passengers, and of course it was so easy to get to know the other travelers with 650 of us. But now the ships are so big I guess that isn't an option anymore. I still watch the Love Boat reruns