• Hundreds of NEW updates and enhancements on CRUISIN

    update.jpgOver the last few months we've been working hard to bring more options and better functioning throughout CRUISIN. You will also find that many sections of CRUISIN are now more friendly to mobile users (even those with extremely small screens!).

    We have added dozens of more cruising related cameras to both our Cruise Ship Cameras and Cruise Port Cameras sections. We have added a new Port Tracker section which will allow you to quickly and easily zoom into numerous ports throughout the World and see live ship traffic. We will soon be enhancing our very popular Ship Tracker to include ship data and statistics along with home port weather to all of our cruise ship tracking pages. We have added a new CRUISIN Videos section. The new video section covers many topics of cruising that we feel our members are interested in. Video sections include: "Cruise Industry News", "Ship Tours", "Future Ships", "Excursions", "New Ship Launches / Christenings" and more. We have updated our Downloads section to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. We have been acquiring a large number of new documents directly from Cruise Lines that we believe our members will find extremely useful. You will soon see these documents starting to appear in the Downloads section.

    We are also excited about many new features we are currently testing. You should be seeing quite a few of them rolling out to the live CRUISIN site over the next few weeks.

    Let us know what you think, we are always looking for continued feedback and suggestions!

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    1. DougBrinkerhoff's Avatar
      DougBrinkerhoff -
      Greg, Just joined and I love the site. Tracked my wife's cruise each day. Doing a terrific job... Kudos!