• Hurricane Sandy Strengthens - More Than Two Dozen Cruise Ships Rerouted

    hurricanesandy.jpgHurricane Sandy is currently affecting more cruise ships and flights than any other hurricane in history. Now with well over two dozen cruise ships rerouted and closing in on over 8,000 flights cancelled the numbers are staggering. Unfortunately, it appears the impact on travel will be the least of peoples worries in the Northeast as Hurricane Sandy is continuing to strengthen. Currently an immense Category 1 Hurricane with a central pressure normally exhibited by a Category 4 Hurricane. Tropical Storm force winds also extend out more than 500 miles from the eye. Over 50 million people will directly be impacted by this unprecedented storm over the next few days. Our thoughts here at CRUISIN are with are community members and others living in these areas - stay safe!

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    Hurricane Sandy Current Strength
    Updated: Oct 29, 2012 - 10:30AM EDT

    Max Sustained Winds: 90 mph
    Minimum Central Pressure: 943 mb