• New CRUISIN Website & Forum Launch

    cruisin_logo300.jpgToday CRUISIN is launching it's new site!

    After not finding exactly what we wanted as far as a continually updated, visually appealing / flowing, all encompassing cruising website and forum we went about creating our own. What you see is a culmination of months of research in developing what we believe will soon be the best site available online for Cruise Travel. Over the next two months we will be rolling out even more features that we feel will keep you coming back here all the time.

    Yes, there are some other cruising website options out there. Some of these are really great sites, but in one way or another we felt that each of them fell short in delivering the complete product that we were looking for in a cruising website and forum.

    We didn't want to reinvent the wheel. You will notice some things here will look familiar to you from other sites you may visit. This was intentional. We did our research and being cruising enthusiasts ourselves we understood what was working and what people liked. We then made sure to implement those parts here ...with a new facelift and some enhancements of course!

    You will also find things on our site that you will not find anywhere else on the internet! We've spent months working with fellow cruising enthusiasts developing some great new options that we think will bring you back all the time and make many of you fixtures of our CRUISIN Community.

    Our intention is to keep our site updated continually with a fresh look, new information and ever increasing options to make your cruising experiences better than ever before. Along the way we also hope to save you more than a few dollars!

    One section of our forum we want everyone in our CRUISIN Community to become familiar with is our Questions / Requests / Suggestions Forum. We want your feedback and ideas to continually deliver to you the best online experience possible.

    Keep in mind this is also a completely new site we are delivering to you today. Although we have done our best to test it, there will be a few glitches and issues, so please be patient with us as we get those worked out. If you do run across an issue please take the time and report it here: Report Site Issue.

    Take a look around let us know what you like ...and yes, even what you don't like. Our Community is only as good as it's members and we will only have members if we can provide them with what they want!