• Roll Calls & Events - Explained / The How To Guide

    rollcallsandevents.pngWe have added a thorough information guide to our Roll Call & Events section for those who have been hesitant to use it. It is also a lot easier to use than it may initially seem when reading the information guide. The Roll Call & Events section was built to easily move you along through the process of starting or joining a roll call.

    It's a great way to keep track of all your current and past cruises, not to mention allowing you to more easily track down and stay in touch with past cruisers you have met.

    You can find links to the new information guide on the drop down menu for Roll Calls and Events at the top of the page and there is also a link to it on the Information & Tips page.

    Go check it out!
    Roll Calls & Events
    Roll Calls & Event Guide

    If you have any additional questions on the Roll Calls & Events section you can ask them here.