• Roll Calls & Events - We've taken it to a whole new level!!!

    rollcallsandevents.pngSome of you may be familiar with the term "Roll Call" others may not. In brief, a Roll Call in our case is a group of individuals who are scheduled on the same cruise who interact with each other. Roll Calls originally came about in an attempt for cruisers to meet other cruisers prior to their mutual cruise. Over time this has expanded into such things as planning activities - this could encompass pre-cruise, during cruise, and even post-cruise activities. The only problem with this has been the time it takes for someone or a group of people to organize and maintain all this information. If you have ever been on the planning side of a Roll Call you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

    Well, we've got something for you!!!

    CRUISIN has built you a system that will maintain all your Roll Calls and Events. You will find it at the top of page under the tab appropriately named "Roll Calls & Events". We have spent a long time building and modifying this and today is it's first official roll out. Being that this is a completely new system, there may be a couple bugs left to work out so please be patient as we get them fixed. If you need to report a bug please do it here: Bug Report.

    Back to the good stuff... What you will find under our Roll Calls & Events section is the ability to start a roll call, join a roll call, start an event for a roll call, join an event for a roll call, view any roll call, view any event, view what roll calls are currently cruising, view what members are currently cruising, and the list goes on. The hours and hours of trying to keep things organized and maintained is now a thing of the past - we are doing it for you! Just sit back relax and enjoy our new system.

    Another great thing about our system is all the information is saved so you can go back and easily reference your roll calls and events later under your own personal "My Roll Calls & Events" page! Can't remember that couple you met through your roll call 4 years ago? Head on back to your "My Roll Calls & Events" and look them up. Want to contact with a person you cruised with last fall? There name and information is just a couple clicks away. Want to cruise with a large roll call already formed? Scan on down the "Current Roll Calls" list and find a large one during the time frame you can cruise, just click the "Roll Call Size" column header and it'll sort for you. We've made it easy by allowing to you search and sort the roll calls and find exactly what you are looking for.

    We haven't forgotten about your Roll Call Forums either. You will be able to create a quick link to go from your Roll Call Page to your specific Roll Call Forum.

    Before this article drags on any further I'll stop and say - Just Go Check It Out!

    ...you wouldn't believe what we have planned for this in the future!