• Is Your Username Not Quite What You Wanted? Now You Can Change It!

    namechange.jpgIs your username not quite what you wanted? We have added the option to allow you to change it.

    Now, before you go running off to change it, there are couple things you need to know.
    1) You can only change your username once in a year (365 days).
    2) You can only change your username twice in the lifetime of your account here at CRUISIN.
    3) Your old username will still be visible to others on your profile page under the new "Username History" tab.

    You will find the new option to change your username under your profile settings which can be reached by selecting the "Settings" link at the top of the page and then choosing "Edit Profile". You can also reach it directly by using this link: http://www.cruisin.me/forum/profile.php?do=editprofile. The new option is near the top of the page.


    We recommend you take time and think about any name change before going through with it. Some users like to be known by their real names, some users like to be known by nicknames or by usernames they are known by on other forums. Use whatever you feel comfortable with.

    Username changes will become effective immediately. Remember this will also be your new login name.

    Username Restrictions
    1. Minimum of 8 characters.
    2. Maximum of 25 characters.
    3. Not allowed to contain: admin, administrator, mod, moderator, host, cruisin, cruisinme. (These are limited to staff members only.)
    4. May not contain any profane / inappropriate words or connotations.
    5. Can NOT be the name of your business or employer. This is considered advertising and that is not allowed. For information on advertising on CRUISIN: Advertising Information & Guide.
    6. Once a username is changed the old username can not be used by another member for one year (365 days).