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Kosher Meals

Kosher foods are those that conform to Jewish dietary laws. Carnival is able to provide Kosher meals for guests who request them. Kosher meals are available on all ships and itineraries, in limited quantities.


  • Carnival accepts requests for Kosher meals up to 2-weeks prior to your embarkation date; for Europe cruises, the request will be accepted up to 8-weeks prior to the embarkation date. For last minute requests (within 2-weeks of the embarkation date), contact Guest Solutions to see if we are able to accommodate the request.
  • The meals cannot be requested through any e-channels.

General Information

  • Due to the limited choices, guests may still opt to bring their own pre-packaged meals or they may have the meals delivered to the ship. Guest Solutions will handle these requests as there are specific procedures regarding delivery and storage of the meals.
  • There are no selections for breakfast-type food but guests may order from the selections below.
  • The Kosher meals will only be served in the Main Dining Room during breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the ship is in port and the Main Dining Room is closed for lunch, arrangements can be made for the meal to be delivered by Room Service to the guest's stateroom.

Description of Selections

  • Roast Breast of Chicken with Sweet Noodle Kugel (pronounced KOO-gul), Carrots Tzimmise (pronounced TSIM-us) with Prunes
  • Pot Roast with Kishka (pronounced KISH-kuh) Oriental Vegetable Souffle
  • Turkey Schnitzel with Sweet Potato Spears and Spinach Croquettes
  • Fillet of Salmon with Steamed White Rice and Green Beans
  • Stuffed Cabbage and Barley Peas
  • Beef, Steak Grilled Jardimiere, Mashed Potatos and Chimi
  • Grilled Chicken Leg, Risotto and Spinach Kugel
  • Snapper, Pot Croq and Julienne Carrots

Description of Meal

  • Webermans Traditional Foods of Miami, Florida is the supplier of the meals.
  • The meals are Glatt Kosher.
  • Meals are delivered to the ship in frozen containers with double sealed plastic wrap.
  • A steamer is used to warm up the meals and served on disposable plates.

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