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The "Secret Decks" would be more accurately described as public observation balconies that not everyone knows about.

So that we do not confuse people looking for information about these areas we will continue to refer to them as "Secret Decks". Let it be known though, there is not much "secret" about the "Secret Decks" these days. Although, if you didn't know they existed or how to access them, they would still be very "secret" to you. As widely known about as these areas are today, they are still relatively private in comparison to other areas of the ship and offer a great place to get away from the crowd and experience some great views.

Carnival Cruise Lines - Secret Decks   Carnival Cruise Lines - Secret Decks

The "Secret Decks" are free for all cruisers to use.

The "Secret Decks" are located at the very front of the ship and will be found on varying decks depending on the ship. These areas are typically accessed through a door located on either side of the ship all the way forward. In most cases you will not find a sign on the access doors explaining where they lead. There will typically be two doors to go through in order to access these areas. Always close the first door before opening the second (there may be a sign informing you of this). You ask why? The ocean breeze combined with the ship movement will funnel wind through the the doorway at a high rate of speed. Ever stick your head out of the car window while riding down the road at 50mph ...same affect and the same reason why you shouldn't open your cabin hallway door and balcony door at the same time.

The access doors to the "Secret Decks" may be locked at night and at times of high winds. If the doors are locked just try again at another time. It can be very windy & cool on these decks while the ship is cruising, for this reason some of the best times to experience the "Secret Decks" are while docked.

Ships with "Secret Decks"

Click on a deck link below to view that specific deck layout and "Secret Deck" access routes.

Carnival Cruise Lines - Secret Decks


  • Spirit Class: The Spirit Class Ships - Carnival Spirit, Carnival Pride, Carnival Legend and Carnival Miracle do not have any "Secret" Decks. The only forward facing balcony area on these ships is on the Lido Deck (above the bridge).

  • The open area at the very bow of the ship is a Crew R&R area. Guests will NOT have access to this area. This is one of the areas where the crew can relax, away from the guests, when off duty. Typically there will be a hot tub or two on this deck.

  • The cabins colored in maroon adjacent to the "Secret Decks" on the layouts above are Interior Category 4J cabins. They are listed as "Interior with Picture Window (Walkway View)" cabins. These rooms are typically priced quite a bit higher than your standard Interior cabins. Their proximity to the "Secret Decks" can make them a decent deal at times for someone looking for this amenity close by.

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