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Carnival Cruise Lines is dedicated to offering the finest cruising experience for our guests with disabilities and special requirements. A Fun Ship® cruise vacation is perfect for people who have a special need for fun. Our ships provide excellent service and a variety of accessibility features to make your voyage an exciting, relaxing and memorable one.

Sample conditions for acceptance into the Children with Special Needs Programs

  • In order to participate in any Carnival Youth Program activities the parent or legal guardian will need to complete a registration form.
  • You can pre-register online through "Manage My Cruise" at once you have a deposit on your cruise. Pre-registration ends 72 hours prior to departure date.
  • You will also be given an alternate special needs checklist, which will help aid the Youth Staff in how to best serve your child while participating in the activities.
  • Children with special needs have the option to move down one age group if this will help them better adapt to the environment.
  • We do not provide one on one attention, but if this is necessary, the parent or legal guardian, assigned helper is welcome to stay and participate with the child during activity times.
  • Parents of children with special needs will be provided with a beeper or phone (if applicable).
  • Youth Programs Important Information rules still apply to all children, in terms of administration of medication, illness, hours and unacceptable behavior while in the program.
  • The Youth Staff may not administer any medication and/or needles to any child participating in the Carnival Youth Program.
  • Additionally, no medications with the exception of epi-pens, diabetic testing equipment and inhalers are permitted in the facilities.
  • Should a child still be in diapers and they are older/bigger than what the diaper changing table can hold, then the parent or legal guardian will be called to assist.
  • Youth Staff cannot lift children with mobility disabilities.
  • Since the Youth Staff are not able to provide one-on-one assistance, children will need to be able to feed themselves. In the event that a child needs to be fed, a parent or guardian may remain with the child during dinner, or bring the child to activities following the dinner service.

Carnival has a guest comment code for children with special needs. The purpose of this code is to give advance notice to the Youth Program counselors on board for children that have a special need that we do not have an existing code for. Guest Access Services will use the special needs code "3" for guests 17 years of age and younger that have pre-identified a special need such as:

  • Autism
  • Down's Syndrome
  • Allergies
  • And other disabilities that Carnival does not have a specific code for

Note: The "3" code is not used for a child who uses a wheelchair, is diabetic, deaf or blind. Carnival already has other existing codes for these disabilities.

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