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The Steakhouse is an alternative to eating in the Main Dining Room or the Lido Restaurant, open daily, 5:30pm-9:30pm. In order to best accommodate your party, Carnival strongly recommends making a reservation at least two weeks prior to your sail date. To secure your reservation prior to boarding: Make A Steakhouse Reservation

There is a nominal fee of $35 per guest. The fee includes an appetizer, entrée, dessert and the wait staffs' gratuity; additional gratuities are optional and may be extended in cash or to the guest's Sail & Sign Account, at the guest's discretion. Carnival has said that the wait staff gratuity portion of the the fee is currently "something less than 15%". The fee does not include any beverage that is normally ordered through the bar service such as wine, liquor, soda or bottled water. The $35 fee also applies to children. You may order additional appetizers for no charge, an additional entrée will cost you $20.

Carnival is currently offering a free bottle of wine per steakhouse reservation booked for the first night of the cruise. Since the first night of the cruise has generally been the slowest night fleetwide for the steakhouses they are offering this as an incentive to get guests to dine with them on that night. The only choice you have for the free wine bottle is from the two house wines - either Santa Carolina Chardonnay or Santa Carolina Merlot.

The Steakhouse Dress Code follows the Main Dining Room Dress Code specified for that evening on board; if the evening is specified as Cruise Casual, shorts are not permitted.

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