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What's Included? What's Extra?

What's Included On a Carnival Cruise?   What's Included On a Carnival Cruise?   What's Included On a Carnival Cruise?

What's Included On A Carnival Cruise:

Food & Drink

  • Fine dining in the main dining rooms (lobster and steak served on every cruise, usually on the Cruise Elegant Dining Night)
  • Healthy selections low in fat, sodium & cholesterol are available in the main dining room for breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Casual dining in the Lido restaurant for breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • 24-hour Room Service - Room Service Information & Menus
  • 24-hour Pizzeria - pizza, calzones, caesar salad
  • 24-hour Ice Cream Station - serving soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt
  • The Taste Bar - Open nightly from approximately 5:00PM to 8:00PM. The Taste Bar features complimentary bite-size offerings inspired by the newest and most popular dining venues throughout Carnival's fleet.
  • Sushi Bar is open nightly from 5:00PM to about 8:00PM. 3 options of sushi are served and it changes nightly. Saki is also available for purchase. The Sushi Bar is being phased out for the Taste Bar above. For those ships with the Taste Bar, sushi is served in the Lido Restaurant prior to the dinner hour.
  • Coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, unsweetened iced tea, lemonade, orange juice, milk and water (fountain, not bottled) are free throughout the cruise

Onboard Activities Day & Night

  • Serenity - adult only retreat (on select ships)
  • All onboard clubs, bars and lounges (activities including karaoke, dance lessons and more)
  • Spectacular stage shows
  • Live music, including three bands and orchestra
  • Comedy acts and international singers
  • Fitness center, steam room, sauna and outdoor jogging track
  • All pools including children's wading pool (on select ships) and whirlpool/hot tubs
  • Carnival's Twister Waterslide OR Carnival Waterworks (depends on ship)
  • Mini Golf
  • Basketball Court/Volleyball court (on select ships)
  • Library
  • Carnival's Seaside Theatre (on select ships)
  • Sliding Sky Dome - enjoy the pool rain or shine (on select ships)
  • Table tennis
  • Poolside entertainment (live music, games, dancing, etc.)

Youth Programs

  • Carnival's Youth Programs provide activities and entertainment for all kids 17 years and younger.
  • There are three programs broken down into specific age groups:
    • Camp Carnival: Age Groups 2-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-11 years
    • Circle "C": Age Group 12-14 years
    • Club O2: Age Group 15-17 years
  • Youth Programs: For further information on Carnival's youth programs, including daily activity examples.
  • Camp Carnival Night Owls: Find information here on night time youth services & babysitting options available onboard.
  • Children With Special Needs: Find information here for children with special needs.

Cabin/Stateroom Amenities & Services

  • Carnival's Comfort Collection in all rooms
  • In-stateroom Toiletries and Amenities
  • 24-hour Room Service
  • In-stateroom Movies

What's Extra On A Carnival Cruise:

  • Faster To The Fun (FTTF): Enroll in the Faster to The Fun program and receive priority embarking & debarking along with other services.
  • Various beverages (including but not limited to: alcoholic drinks, specialty coffees, soda and bottled water)
  • "Bottomless Bubbles" Unlimited Soda Program: Entitles you to unlimited sodas and juice while onboard. Unlimited soda and juice is also part of the "Cheers" Beverage Program. (see link below)
  • "Cheers" Beverage Program: Offers flat-rate daily pricing for alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic frozen drinks, wine by the glass and soda. See link for complete program details and current list of ships offering the program.
  • All items from the patisserie (pastries, baked goods, indulgent sweets, etc.)
  • Use of Spa Carnival and Cloud 9 Spa services
  • Ship-to-shore communications (i.e. Wi-Fi capability, cell phone roaming charges apply)
  • Internet CafĂ©
  • Photographs, portraits or film developing
  • Onboard duty-free shopping
  • Medical services
  • Shore excursions (can be booked through Carnival prior to cruising or once on board, booking them directly yourself can save 20%+ from Carnival's prices)
  • Casino, bingo and other gaming
  • Arcade
  • Gratuities
  • Golf Academy (on select ships)
  • Babysitting Services (from 10PM to 3AM in Camp Carnival for ages 11 and under)
  • The Steakhouse: Available only on select ships and reservations recommended.
  • The Chef's Table: Don't forget The Chef's Table, the finest dining experience onboard!

Information Updates: The cruising industry is ever changing along with most of the information associated with it. The information displayed above is continually updated, added to, and kept as accurate as possible. If you believe something above is outdated, inaccurate, or you believe you have additional information that could be useful to other cruisers, please let us know. Do this by posting the updated or new information in our Carnival Cruise Lines Forum. We will in turn add it to our information pages as soon as it has been verified. Please use this same link to post any questions you may have.

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