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Roll Call Event Samples

You can view sample CRUISIN Roll Call Events by selecting them from the menu bar above. The events listed on the menu are just a few examples of what we offer as "standard events" in our Roll Call & Events system.

When starting an event in our system you can choose to select one of the "standard events" we provide or you can create any event you like from scratch. From organizing a pre-cruise get together at a local pub to organizing a once in a lifetime scuba diving excursion off the coast of some tropical island. The event options are only limited by your imagination. In every case we can help you plan and organize these events for you and your fellow cruisers with our automated Roll Call & Events system.

This system was built with you, the cruisers, in mind. It is brand new, one of a kind, and completely exclusive to CRUISIN. You will not find one anywhere else. It was developed from feedback received from countless cruisers - rookies to veterans. We are continually enhancing it and adding new options as our membership increases and we continue to get great feedback.

Take the hassle out and put the fun back in your cruise related events!

We'll help you keep them all organized, while you can concentrate more on the fun!

Roll Calls & Events System Feedback: Have a general question, request, or suggestion related to our Roll Call & Events system? Post it here: Questions / Requests / Suggestions. Don't hesitate to let us know, you are probably not the only one with the same questions or opinions. We listen to all feedback. This link is NOT for questions specific to an individual Roll Call, please use your Roll Call Forum for that.

Thanks for being a member of the CRUISIN Community!

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