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Cabin Crawl

CRUISIN Cabin Crawl

Crawl Director Details:

  • Establish a central location and time when all crawlers will meet prior to the crawl.
  • Be sure all Cabin Crawlers have paid their $10 prior to the crawl. This money is the Cabin Host Pot.
  • Direct the crawlers to the first cabin and join in on the crawl!
  • Make sure the crawl moves along. No more than 15 minutes at a cabin.
  • At each of the five cabins give 1/5 of the Cabin Host Pot ($50 if crawl is full, 25 people) to the Cabin Host to help offset the cost of providing beverages/snacks.

Cabin Hosting Details:

  • Sign up as a Cabin Host room ASAP. We are looking for 5 Cabin Hosts. We will attempt to get a variety of cabin types for the crawl.
  • Each Cabin Host will be given 1/5 of the Cabin Host Pot from the Crawl Director when the crawl reaches their cabin. This is to help offset the cost of providing beverages/snacks.
  • Provide one of the following: beer/shot/soda or snack for the crawlers who go to your cabin. Something native to your hometown/region is always a good idea.
  • If there are any non-alcoholic drinkers on the crawl you will be given this information prior to the cruise. If providing a beverage please try to have an option of soda/juice available for these non-alcoholic drinkers.
  • Open up your cabin for 10-15 minutes for the crawlers.
  • Offer the beverage/snack to each person that visits your cabin.
  • Crawlers and hosts will then proceed to the next cabin.

Each Cabin Host: Should have a beverage/snack offering for each Cabin Crawler.

Cabin Crawling Details:

  • Sign up as a Cabin Crawler ASAP. The number of Cabin Crawlers will be limited to 25.
  • Confirm your spot by paying your $10 prior to the crawl. See payment instructions.
  • Be at established central location on time so you do not miss the crawl!
  • Non-alcoholic drinkers please identify yourselves beforehand so Cabin Hosts are prepared. You can post this information in the Roll Call Forum (see link on Roll Call page).
  • Go from cabin to cabin in the order pre-determined - follow the Crawl Director!

Each Cabin Crawler: Be respectful of Cabin Hosts and their cabins.

Note: The Cabin Crawl will be limited to 25 crawlers. If there is enough interest another crawl may be set up. This will require a new Crawl Director and a new set of Cabin Hosts.

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