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Slot Pull Director Details:

  • Scout out a slot machine to be used for the Slot Pull. Be sure to understand exactly how it works so you can answer any questions the Slot Pull Players may have before and during their turns.
  • Make sure the slot machine you choose is not a one-of-a-kind machine, there may be someone on it at the time the Slot Pull is ready to start and you may be forced to use another machine you are unfamiliar with.
  • Show up a little early to the designated meeting place. There will be people ready to pay and usually with a few questions too.
  • Write down the names and collect the $16 entry fee from each Slot Pull Player prior to the Slot Pull.
  • Slot Pull will be limited to 25 people.
  • No one may enter the Slot Pull after the first player has made their first pull.
  • Separate out $1 of each player's entry fee and set it aside as the High Roller Pot.
  • Place the remaining $15 of each player's entry fee into a $1 slot machine of your choice.
  • The same slot machine will be used by all players.
  • Inform each player prior to pulling exactly how to use the machine and how many pulls they will have. Each player's pulls will be taken consecutively.
  • Call names of each player, in the order they signed up, to take their turn. If any player is not around for their turn, they will be given a chance to take their turn after all other players have gone.
  • Monitor each pull, recording what each player makes on every pull including any bonus rounds they have won. Any bonus rounds that happen due to a player's pull are to be used by that player prior to the next player's turn.
  • If there is a jackpot hit, by any player, the earnings from that jackpot (just like any other pull) will also be divided equally among all players.
  • After the last player has made their last pull:
    • Remove any remaining money from the slot machine, cash it in and divide it equally among all the players.
    • Payout the High Roller Pot by adding up each player's pulls, including bonus pulls, and paying the pot to the player with the highest total winnings during their turn.

Slot Pull Director:Needs CRUISIN Slot Pull Spreadsheet, pen and a calculator.

Slot Pull Player Details:

  • Slot Pull will be limited to 25 people.
  • Show up on time to the designated meeting place for the Slot Pull.
  • No one may enter the Slot Pull after the first player makes their first pull.
  • Give your name and $16 entry fee (exact cash please!) to the Slot Pull Director.
  • Make note of where you are in the order for pulling, be ready to pull when it is your turn. If you are not around when it is your turn, you will take your turn after all other players have gone.
  • Slot machine will be chosen by Slot Pull Director. The same slot machine will be used by all players.
  • When it is your turn you will have 5 - $3 pulls (this may vary depending on the machine chosen; your total pulls will add up to $15), plus any bonus rounds you may win. You will take all of your pulls consecutively.
  • If you are confused about how to operate the machine or how many pulls you have, ask the Slot Pull Director - they will be right next to the machine with you.
  • After your turn, remain in the area to be sure to get any winnings you are due.
  • All payouts will be paid immediately after the last pull is made and the money can be divided.
  • Player winnings will be paid from the equally divided money collected by the Slot Pull Director from the slot machine after the last player has made their last pull.
  • High Roller Pot ($25 if Slot Pull is full, 25 people) will be paid to the player with highest total winnings during their turn.
  • Please be patient while any winnings are divided!

Each Slot Pull Player:Needs $16 exact cash. Remain close by so you can take your turn in order.

Note: The Slot Pull will be limited to 25 people. If there is enough interest another Slot Pull may be set up. This will require a new Slot Pull Director.

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