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Carnival Freedom


New member
Hello everyone,

I am leaving on a cruise out of Galveston on the Carnival Freedom on Sept. 29th. Hurricane Dorian destroyed most of the island of Freeport and that is one of our stops. Has anyone gone on this cruise since it hit? I'm just wondering if they will be bypassing this port or how it affected your stop there. Anyone?


New member
Freeport was one of our destination on yesterday, could not offload. The stop was 3 hrs. to offload relief supplies bummer


New member
We'll be on board with you. I'm guessing the situation changes by the day in Freeport and they'll want to get tourists there as soon as they can. Still have a couple weeks, so we'll see. It's the only port we booked an excursion on in advance, and I'm going to wait until the end of next week to send an email inquiry to the folks we booked with to check their status. I checked in with them shortly after the storm to see if they had made it through safely and surprisingly got an immediate response that family and property were good. I certainly feel for those folks.

Look at it this way, even if we miss the port, we're still on the Freedom and on vacation, so it'll be a good day.


New member
Thank you Jaybo for your response. I was hoping they would just bypass Freeport all together and give us more time at one of the other stops.


New member

When I called Carnival to check on the status they did mention to me that the dock had no damage, but of course as we all know, the island itself had extensive damage. She did tell me one of the other ships had stopped there after the hurricane, but it was only to drop off supplies. I've actually been there before so it didn't really matter to me if we went there or not, but this was the first time for just about everyone else that is cruising with me. Like you said, we still will be on vacation and I'm sure we'll all enjoy it tremendously. Hope you have a fun cruise.


New member
We went on this cruise last week. We did not go to Freeport and just had an extra sea day. They will not have Freeport open from some time. You will probably have a sea day unless they can get another port to dock at at this time
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