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Cabin Details & Selection

Carnival Cruise Lines - Balcony Cabin

Cabin Details

Below are various cabin details collected from across Carnival's fleet. There is no way to cover all the options and variations for the entire fleet without getting overwhelmed with information because it is so diverse. What we have attempted to do is cover the most popular options and give you the averages from the fleet where we could.

Cabin Types

The preceding number refers to the type of cabin.

  • Interior - 1, 3, & 4
  • Ocean View - 6
  • Balcony - 7, 8 & 9
  • Suite - are no longer referenced by type number

Cabin Categories

Each cabin type is then divided into categories based on their "desirability". A letter is used to denote the category. Generally the later the letter is in the alphabet the more desirable the cabin. More desirable categories will have higher price rates. The more desirable cabins are typically on the middle to upper decks close to the center of the ship. Although aft cabins are often considered quite desirable. Other things that affect desirability are things like obstructions and the size of the balcony.

  • Interior - 1A, 3J (picture window), 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4H, 4J (picture window & obstructed view), and 4K (french doors).
  • Ocean View - 6A, 6B, 6C.
  • Balcony - 7A (obstructed balcony), 7C (cove balcony), 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, 8F, and 8G. 8M and 8N are Extended Balconies. 9B is a Premium Balcony. 9C is a Premium Vista Balcony.
  • Suite - JS (Junior Suite), OS (Ocean Suite), GS (Grand Suite).

Cabin Sizes

These are the average room sizes for the particular cabin type.

  • Interior - 185 square feet
  • Ocean View - 220 square feet (except for Fantasy & Spirit Class ships which are 185 square feet)
  • Balcony - 185 square feet
  • Junior Suite & Ocean Suite - 275 square feet
  • Grand Suite - 300-345 square feet

Balcony Sizes

These are the average balcony sizes for the particular cabin category.

  • 8A through 8G - 35 square feet
  • 8M and 8N - 60 square feet
  • 9B - 75-85 square feet
  • 9C - 75-275 square feet
  • Junior Suite (JS) - 35-40 square feet
  • Ocean Suite (OS) - 65-85 square feet
  • Grande Suite (GS) - 85-115 square feet

Bed Options and Sizes

  • King Bed - 78" L x 66" W (two twin beds put together)
  • Queen Bed - 78" L x 60" W
  • Twin Bed - 78" L x 33" W
  • Single Sofa bed - 78" L x 32" W
  • Double Sofa bed - 70" L x 50" W
  • Trundle Bed - 73" L x 29" W (mattress 4-1/2" thick)
  • Roll-Away Bed - 76" L x 30" W (mattress 4-1/2" thick)
  • Upper Berth - 78" L x 33" W
    • Safety Rail - 50" L x 6" H
    • Weight Restriction - 250 pounds
    • Position - 58" off the floor; 27" below the ceiling
  • Portable Crib - 38" L x 24" W

Selecting A Cabin

Below is a list of some important factors that should be taken into consideration during your cabin selection process.

If ship movement is a concern:

  • The best place is Midship and Lower Decks.
  • The worst place is Forward on the Upper Decks, followed by Aft on the Upper Decks.

If noise is a concern:

  • If possible choose a cabin that has cabins both above and below it. This will save you from a lot of adjacent room noise, especially from busy public areas (i.e. Lido Deck, Theatre, Night Club, Galley).
  • Watch out for "Empty Space". When looking at the ships deck plans you will see empty (unlabeled) space next to and across from some rooms. These are typically closets/storage for the room stewards, which translates into noise very early in the morning and throughout the day!
  • Rooms near the elevator's and stairs will get more foot traffic passing by and conversations in the hall.
  • Engine noise and vibration can be an issue on lower decks in the Aft of the ship. Not always but it is something to think about it.

Rooms with balconies:

  • The forward balcony rooms (first 1/4 of the ship or so) will have a lot more wind than those further back. Some balconies near the very front will be very cool and extremely windy most of the time.
  • All side balconies will get a breeze, even the ones near the back of the ship.
  • Aft balconies will tend to have no wind at all. They can get hot quickly.

Guests with disabilities:

  • Anyone has the ability to book a modified cabin designed for guests with disabilities.
  • Carnival's policy is if you don't need and/or aren't qualified for a modified cabin you have to agree before booking it that you are willing to be moved to another cabin if someone with disabilities needs it. This will be in the same cabin category or higher, depending on what is available at that time.
  • Unfortunately, Carnival has been known not to track this information as closely as they should. This in turn has brought added issues and delays in getting passengers with disabilities into these cabins.
  • We suggest if you really don't need one don't book it.
  • All passengers with special needs should also submit a Special Needs Form. This will help to inform Carnival of your specific needs so they can accommodate you to the best of their ability.

Common Questions

Below is a list of some common cabin / stateroom related questions that come up often.

What does free upgrade mean?

  • It means you can move "up" from your current cabin location to a more desired location within your same category (suite, balcony, ocean view, interior) without any additional charge.
  • "More desired" locations as mentioned above would typically be higher decks and/or cabins closer to midship. This will usually put you closer to the action onboard also.

Page last updated: Mon Apr 26, 2021
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