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What to Pack / Bring?

Norwegian Cruise Packing List Norwegian Cruise Packing List Norwegian Cruise Packing List

The list below is comprised of suggested items to bring on a Norwegian Cruise and is meant as a guide only.
Hopefully, it will help you in your pre-cruise planning and make your entire cruise experience a little more enjoyable.

What To Pack / Bring On A Norwegian Cruise?

Travel Documents

  • Passport / Driver's License / Green Card, etc. - all necessary personal documents
  • Cruise Confirmation Information
  • Other Travel Confirmations / Tickets
    • Airline Tickets
    • Rental Car Confirmations along with Proof of Car Insurance
    • Hotel Reservation Details
  • Marriage License for a Honeymoon cruise since document names may not match


  • Medical Insurance Cards
  • Your prescriptions
  • Non-perscriptions - aspirin, ibuprofen, sea sickness pills, antacid, etc.
  • Vaccination Certificates (if needed for some destinations)
  • Medical Emergency Contact Information


  • Casual Clothing
    • 1 - Sweatshirt / Sweater - nights on deck can be cool even in the Caribbean
    • 1 - Pair of flip flops - not always necessary for Alaskan cruises
    • 1 - Pair of sneakers - a necessity for some shore excursions
    • ? - Shorts, shirts, socks, jeans, etc. - number will depend on your cruise length
    • Extra bathing suit (they typically don't dry overnight, so if you don't have to put on a wet suit bring an extra)
  • Formal Clothing
    • If you want to dress up for the "Dress-Up or Not Night" it's your call. (see Norwegian's recommendations below)
  • Norwegian's Recommendations
    • "When it comes to what to wear, you can go resort casual or get decked-out and look your best - it’s your call. That’s the freedom of Freestyle Cruising. We even have special “Dress-Up or Not Night.” It’s the perfect opportunity to get your portrait taken with your family, that special someone or even with the ship’s Captain. Dress cruise casual anytime during the day, in the buffet and in most specialty restaurants. For women, it includes summer and casual dresses, skirts, regular or capri pants, shorts, jeans and tops. Khakis, jeans, shorts and casual shirts are fine for men. Swimwear is acceptable at the buffet and outdoor restaurant, but a shirt or a cover-up and footwear are required. Cruise casual is also allowed day and night on embarkation day. Wear smart casual if you are eating dinner in the aft main dining room (our more formal dining room) and in Le Bistro on cruises longer than five days. For women, it includes slacks or jeans, dresses, skirts and tops. For men, it’s jeans or slacks with a collared shirt and closed-toed shoes. Traditional Bermuda shorts along with long socks, loafers and a blazer are all acceptable on a Bermuda cruise. We want you to be comfortable, but tank tops for men, flip flops, baseball caps, visors and jeans that are overly faded, with holes or tears and worn below the hips are not permitted in main dining rooms or specialty restaurants. Kids 12 and under are welcome to wear nice shorts in all our restaurants."

    * General rule when it comes to clothing: Everyone packs too much! (especially on their first cruise)

    * Keep in mind also that Laundry Services services are available onboard all Norwegian ships for a fee. Dry cleaning is not available.

For The Cabin / Stateroom

  • Cabin Organizer. Use it to organize your bathroom stuff, sunblock, sunglasses, cell phones, cameras, shoes, etc. This is especially important with 3+ people in one cabin! The over-the-door organizers seem to work best and take up almost no room.
    CRUISIN recommends:

  • Surge Protector / Power Strip. There are limited outlets in the cabin. Usually only one US 110V and one European 220V outlet. Surge protection is a good idea onboard too.
    CRUISIN recommends:

  • Magnet - to keep A/C running with balcony door open (only required for ships with this feature)
  • Bungee cord - to hold open your balcony door (some balcony doors will remain open on their own)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries (to keep from waking up other cabin guests at night and for emergencies)
  • Febreeze® - it can get humid and it will keep your room and clothes fresh
    CRUISIN recommends:

  • Downy Wrinkle Release
    CRUISIN recommends:

  • A carry-on cooler - max size is 12"H x 12"W x 12"L (Carnival is very strict on the size!). Great as an additonal ice bucket in the cabin or to keep your in-cabin drinks cold. Even if your cabin does have a refrigerator they are known for not getting very cold.

For The Beach / Pool

  • Sunscreen and aloe vera (for those times you forget to put on the sunscreen)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Disposable water camera
  • Beach shoes


  • Bug repellant - recommended for some shore excursions
  • Cell phone and charger - use as an alarm clock in the cabin and also a great way to set reminders/alarms for events throughout the day
  • Digital camera and charger
  • One dollar bills for tipping
  • Large Hot/Cold cup with a lid - to keep you from having to refill smaller cups available onboard and also a great way to carry drinks you make in the cabin around the ship

Don't forget to download a copy!

CRUISIN - Pre-Cruise Checklist

Page last updated: Fri Aug 02, 2019
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