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Cunard webcams

'Ere we go again! All three Cunard cams have frozen - almost simultaneously. QM2 has just left New York and has a static day time screen, even at night! QV & QE are in different ports, but both are displaying night time "at sea" screens. Could Cunard's subs be overdue AGAIN?
As if by magic it's all change with the three Cunard webcams! QM2 a new and updating picture mid Atlantic, QV a new picture, QE an apology - the normal one - for satellite strength. Well at least it's different to the night time sea view of the last four or five days...
My biggest beef about all this is that neither Cunard nor Cruisin has the decency to make a comment on these failures of the cams. As all three ships' webcam connections disappear and reappear simultaneously, I think this has to be an issue between Cunard and Cruisin. Come on, own up. People will think all the better of you...


Staff member
The issues with the Cunard cameras resides with Cunard either onboard or in there computer servers relaying the image from the ship to the internet. If you go to Cunard website you will see the same camera issues also reside there. We here at CRUISIN have no control of this. As soon as the image is one again available it will be shown here on CRUISIN.
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