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Help With Dec.31st Sensation Embarkment


New member
A friend and I, both 24, need help embarking on the New Years Eve cruise. We have everything paid for, all we would need is for someone who is 25 or older also cruising that ship that trip to allow us to link our room with yours so that we can board. We would need nothing else, just you listed as our "Chaperone". We are both full time workers with college educations, we pay our own way, we literally just need to give your our room info so that we may link and board. If you'd be willing to help, please contact me ASAP. I'll happily chat with you over phone, skype, and/or facetime to verify info.
Thank you!


New member
The only thing that sends up a flag here is as to WHY you feel you need to link to someone else's cabin! As long as you are 21 yrs old on the day of embarkation, you do NOT need a chaperon!! But then, since you have everything paid for you should know that. Carnival would have NEVER allowed you to book a cruise if you were a minor. This sounds a bit shady.....
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